For the first time, a beer made from recycled shower water

An American company has been able to manufacture “beer” from “grey water”, which is a term given to wastewater that comes from sinks, bathtubs, and other things, except for toilets.

The British newspaper ” The Guardian ” said that the company “Epic Cleantec” in California was able to recycle water in a residential complex, to make beer made entirely from sewage.

The company owns the equipment in a 40-story apartment building in San Francisco to treat and reuse water for non-drinking purposes.

According to Matthew Cantor, the journalist who wrote the Guardian report, the beer “was so delicious you couldn’t imagine or know it was made from greywater”.

The newspaper pointed out that the company does not aim to launch the new product on the market soon, but stressed that it is a “demo product” intended to get people talking about the possibilities of water recycling.


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