How cloud backup storage works

Cloud Storage
Getting started with cloud storage is so easy and in simple steps you can start you first backup jobs, after you choose the storage provider, you will download an small application on your PC/ Mac or any other device such as smartphone, tablet, after you finished the download, the application will ask you to select the data that you want to backup , the application will make an online link between your device and the data center you have choose this online connection will be highly secure using 256 bit SSL encryption (the same grade used by bank or government

After you upload your file most of the cloud storage application we reviewed will automatically backs up your files to the Cloud at the same time every day or you can setup new schedule. You can also run a backup whenever you choose if you have something you need protected urgently so you will not be worry about your data anymore After you finished upload your file to the data center, your data will be accessible from any device, anytime, from anywhere so you can restore your data or you can choose a file to share it with your friends

One of the best things about cloud storage is that many providers offer many features to protect your data such as file versioning, sync, file share drag and drop and mush more


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