She is more than 100 years old.. “Jane” is the oldest fitness trainer in the world

Over one hundred years old, Jane Bailey has become an emblem of affection and admiration for life since she began her role as a “fitness coach” in the nursing home where she lives peacefully in a small village located in Nebraska.

Jane’s trainees at the house are affectionately deemed as “mean” due to her allegedly demanding exercises. Despite this, they endure and wholeheartedly embrace her guidance with fortitude and grace.

Jane, born in 1920 as reported by the “Times” newspaper, united with her beloved husband in 1942. She is now blessed to have three children, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Jane’s fitness classes kick off shortly after the morning meal, with a 30-minute session of stretching, body conditioning and limb agility exercises.

Jane, who has been residing at the home for nearly 14 years, discussed how offering fitness classes became incredibly beneficial during the Coronavirus pandemic. With individuals being obligated to socially distance themselves to safeguard their health and well-being, these sessions provided a sense of connection between those living under quarantine.

She delights in providing pleasure and joy to the people living in the home through these sessions, saying “I don’t know if it keeps us young, but we certainly love moving around. It’s essential not to stay seated all day long watching TV or reading books – our bodies need activity!”

Jane, who used to be a florist in her younger years, is unsure of the key behind her prolonged life and well-being. But she mentions: “I can’t sit around without doing anything; during work, I was constantly arranging bouquets of roses, while at home I kept myself busy with house chores and taking care of my kids.”

Furthermore, she said “Despite the advanced age of my life, I still adore keeping myself busy and doing a variety of activities here. For example, I arrange flower bouquets for the house-affiliated club and volunteer in many different ways.”

Jane’s amicable nature and congenial character bring a special kind of cheer to the house, inspiring those who enter. Her skill in helping inhabitants feel welcome within their new environment is unmatched; she helps newcomers connect with each other almost immediately.

Shaun Tran, the director of the house, expresses his admiration for her stating: “She is a stunning and radiant woman who invariably puts others first. She never talks about herself yet warmly welcomes those around her – providing comfort to them as well as their families.”

He went on to say, “The moment you meet her, it will be clear that she stands out from the rest. Not only does she know all of the house’s inhabitants down to every little detail, but she is simply remarkable.”


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