It can only be seen with a microscope.. The new “Louis Vuitton” bag offered at auction

We often hear about peculiar bags sizes, especially in international brands like “Louis Vuitton” and “Chanel” among others. Some of these bags are notable for their large size or the luxurious materials they are made of, while others are petite. These bags have been sold at public auctions for thousands of dollars, with some fetching millions.

These products are very popular with fashion lovers and celebrities who seek to acquire exotic things, of which only one piece is available. However, the strangest of these products are those offered by Louis Vuitton at the beginning of this month, which are scheduled to be sold at auction in the future.

Smallest Louis Vuitton bag in the world

MSCHF has made the world’s smallest bag for Louis Vuitton, which measures only 657 x 222 x 700 micrometers, and is the miniature version of Louis Vuitton’s On The Go bags, this bag is so small that it can pass through the eye of a needle and it was announced today Wednesday 14 June 2023.

The smallest Louis Vuitton bags in the world
The smallest Louis Vuitton bags in the world / social networking

The company presented a picture of the size of the bag, as it placed it on the tip of a finger, to appear very small, without the possibility of seeing its details.

The Louis Vuitton bag is distinguished by its lime green color and was created by “MSCHF”, a creative group based in Brooklyn. The price of the bag at auction can range between 15 thousand and 25 thousand US dollars, while it will be displayed in an exhibition in Paris, France, between June 20 and 24 /June.

This isn’t the first time MSCHF has created bizarre objects, according to smithsonianmag. Previous stunts for the group have included fake Andy Warhol prints, and a pair of sneakers containing holy water from the Jordan River .

Plus shoes that contain human blood, cologne that smells like WD-40, sandals made out of Birkin bags, giant red rubber boots, and more.

Louis Vuitton bag at a jewelry price

According to the American ” nytimes ” website , the bag looks from afar like radioactive poppy seeds or a piece of spray, but when enlarged, its transparent handles can be seen, in addition to the well-known Louis Vuitton letters that are clearly in the middle.

“I think the bag is funny because it’s derived from something strictly functional but now it’s jewelry,” MSCHF chief executive Kevin Wisner told the same source.

He added that MSCHF aims to extend this trend to its logical conclusion by stripping all the utility of the bag, leaving nothing but brand connotation.

Louis Vuitton bags / social networking

Sold with a binocular to be able to see/ socialize

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The bag will be sold in June at Just Phriends, an auction organized by Sarah Andelman, former creative director of Paris Colette, which closed in 2017, and Joopiter, the auction house founded by Pharrell Williams.

“We’re exploring areas where commerce is unconventional, and we don’t want to disrupt or offend,” explained Wisner regarding the bag. This is why MSCHF’s artists decided to concentrate on luxury bags – some of which have become so diminutive that they no longer serve their purpose of carrying things.

That is why the company chose to re-manufacture the Louis Vuitton bag because it contains the trademark symbol largely in the middle, although the re-manufacturing permit was not taken from Louis Vuitton;What might cause them to be sued by this company.

As for how to sell it and ensure that it is not lost, the Louis Vuitton bag made by this company will be sold inside a sealed gel box placed under a microscope with a digital screen.

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