Why i need file sync and file share

Why i need file sync and file share
File sync and file share are among the most useful features of cloud storage service, the file sync will allow you to sync between multiple pc or devices regardless of your location or the computer you are using. You can start editing a file on your office PC and finish it on your iPad at home. or you can edit files on your computer while it is offline and the cloud storage will automatically syncs the changes the next time your computer is online so you can set and relax with the confidence that your data is avalible for you on any devices.

Also with file share regardless of their size. Large and small sized files and documents can be easily shared with your family, friends. and colleagues.

Most of cloud storage providers provide this feature in easy way all what you need to enter their email so you will send them an invitation to access the file you want to share, also some of the cloud storage allow you to share using the social media such Zoolz which is a fully integrated service with your Facebook account, simply you only need to choose the files, music, photos, and videos you want to share and check the share box. And it will appear instantly on your wall.

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