5 Best Christian T-shirt Stores Online

If you are looking for a new t-shirt that is both comfortable and shares the message of Jesus, you are in luck. There are many online stores that sell a variety of Christian shirts designed with God in mind. Below are our top five sites selling stylish Christian clothing: or you can check out Best Christian T-Shirts by Bant website.

1. Kerusso

Kerusso prides itself on being one of the T-Shirt Evangelism movement leaders, which makes sharing the Gospel as easy as wearing your favorite t-shirt! The brand uses various t-shirt styles and logos to help spread the Good News to the world.

There are both everyday wear and active shirts, perfect for adults and kids who need a cool shirt while they get active! Some of Kerusso’s biggest t-shirt hits include wordplay on popular organizations, products and other brands such as NASA, Heinz Ketch-up and Twitter. Using these famous brands, Kerusso uses various, much-loved Bible quotes to appeal to on-lookers and spread the message of Jesus in a fun and cool way.

The company also sells Jesus T Shirts shirts of other well-loved brands, including Hold Fast and grace and truth, giving customers plenty of options when trying to score that perfect shirt!

2. Elly & Grace

Founded by owner Brenna in her basement a few years ago, Elly & Grace has blossomed into a fan-favorite of those looking for a comfortable and attractive Christian Themed T-Shirts. The brand aims to blend comfort with messages of Jesus, creating each piece of clothing with the customer in mind.

In fact, each shirt is individually printed, folded and most wrapped in visually striking tissue paper! Elly & Grace offers many t-shirt styles, including short-sleeve, long-sleeve, t-shirt dresses, half sleeve, plus-sized and even maternity shirts.

Some of the popular designs use camp or tie dye to add an extra pop to their shirts. Men can also find their ideal shirt here, thanks to the unisex options coming in a vast number of colors and with many messages of Jesus available.

3. ChristainTShirts.com

This site has been around for 15 years, giving the company plenty of experience in providing fun, cozy and effective Christain t-shirts.

There is a wide selection of shirts for sale here from a multitude of companies, including Kerusso, grace and truth, Cherished Girl and much, much more. There’s a balanced mix of both light-hearted Christian shirts as well as more serious shirts, making finding the right message for customers easy. There is also plenty of kids’ t-shirts here with numerous cute messages in lots of different colors! Kid favorites include shirts with adorable animals or references to favorite foods like fries and pizza!

4. Shields of Strength

Shields of Strength’s roots come from an incredible story of faith, courage and dedication to God. Its owner, Kenny Vaughan, decided to make a dog tag one day with a scripture that was dear to his heart. He found himself giving it to someone in need, and before he knew it, he would sell millions of dog tags around the world to people who wanted the message close to their heart.

Years later, Shields of Strength has grown to sell many more accessories and plenty of clothing. The brand’s shirts come in several different materials that work to serve specific purposes, such as working out, having some extra warmth in the winter, or rock during a summer outing.

Men, women and children alike are sure to find a shirt with a scripture that is dear to them here. If you’re interested in learning more about the owner, you can also pick up one of his books!

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5. 316Tees

316Tees is a veteran founded and owned online store that sells vintage style Christian shirts inspired by the Bible. 316Tees believes in supporting other Christian brands, companies and businesses, especially Christian bands and musicians.

This is due to their own personal journey with Christ, where Christian music played a large part in deepening his love of the Bible. Therefore, 316Tees works to both sell apparel and support startup or new Christian bands through their website and blog.

The shirts here are mostly unisex and focused on customers who prefer a vintage, distressed design that looks great at the gym or anywhere. 316Tees takes inspiration from classic brands of the early 2000s, Sanctify Clothing and C28. Designers from both brands have worked with 316Tees to bring designs to their collection. No matter your preference on shirt style or message, you are sure to find something on one of these sites to give as a gift or buy for yourself. Christian t-shirts are not the example of Christ. People are. But as with any t-shirt, we wear what we believe. And it’s amazing how easy a t-shirt can start a conversation or bring inspiration at just the right time.


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