Because of a headache drug… Lady Gaga gets stinging attack

The American star, Lady Gaga , was subjected to a campaign of widespread criticism, due to her cooperation with a major pharmaceutical company, in order to promote a drug intended to treat headache attacks .

The campaign against Lady Gaga started when she announced on her official Instagram account about her sponsorship deal with a pharmaceutical company, and shared a photo of herself with the logo during one of her concerts.

In her comment on the post, Gaga recounted her suffering from migraines from childhood until she discovers the drug that helped her get rid of headache pain, explaining that this is what prompted her to promote it now.

Lady Gaga

The star was exposed to an embarrassing situation in front of her followers, after they accused her of seeking money, and classified the ad as “embarrassing.”

One of them commented: “What happened to this account? Where is Lady Gaga? Who is responsible for promoting such products? How can our star become a sponsor of a medical product? This is illogical.”

Another person wrote: “Healthcare is a human right, not a commodity to be exploited for greed and getting rich. I hope you change because you are not.”

Gaga also appeared in a television commercial to promote the drug and asked everyone who suffers from migraines like her to try it.

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