Best Action Films

Best Action Films to Watch in 2019

A movies genre that has become very popular and does very well at the box office is action films. Every year this...
Effects Of Music On Studying

3 Beneficial Effects Of Music On Studying

We all have different methods of studying. And as long as they’re effective, it’s perfectly fine. However, it’s pretty strange that most...
Essential Services For Any Party

5 Essential Services For Any Party

Are you planning a party? Here are five go-to professionals who can help you plan with ease.A Professional...

3 Life Lessons From The Mandalorian

If you haven’t heard of Stars Wars and The Mandalorian, you’re probably living under a rock. This new series created in 2019...
Streaming Services

5 Best Streaming Services of 2020

Watching movies and TV shows online is on the rise? We no  longer need to download shows, but can instantly stream them online. Many...
Netflix Series Episodes

5 of the Best Netflix Series Episodes to Watch in 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has many of us locked inside our homes, social distancing, and waiting for the pandemic to end. But...
Rappers Who Appeared In A Movie

Rappers Who Appeared In A Movie

Many rappers have attempted to dabble in film with their side, but just a handful really have the acting talent to gain...

Best Classic Rock Guitar Riffs

In a special FiveBest edition, we present a full top ten list of the best classic rock guitar riffs. It must be ten rather...
Gauguin Voyage to Tahiti

A Film Worthy of a Watch: ‘Gauguin Voyage to Tahiti’

Over the years, many movies have been made based on the real-life events of some of history’s most famous artists. For French...
Greatest Games From The Silver Screen

The Greatest Games In History To Borrow Magic From The Silver Screen

Video game adaptations of popular films have often been disappointments, finding themselves torn between the demands of honouring the source material whilst...

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