Paris Hilton reveals horrific details about her past …Drugged with “rape drug”

The American star, Paris Hilton, 42, revealed the details of rape when she was a 15-year-old teenager, indicating that she was “drugged.”

The People magazine unveiled a report that quoted Hilton’s statement to the British “Glamor” website, claiming the occurrence took place when she and her friends encountered some men at the Century City Mall in Los Angeles.

On weekends, she and her friends often visited the mall where they interacted with these men each time they were there. They exchanged conversations with them as well as shared their “pager” numbers in case either side wanted to stay in contact after parting ways.

In her statement, Hilton declared that the two men had urged both herself and her companion to go back to their residence, whereupon they were served raspberry wine; after consuming some of it, she believed that the beverage included Roofy – a sedative. Soon enough, she started feeling dizzy.

The drug “Rovi” has earned the heinous title of “the drug of rape,” due to its capacity for inducing paralysis and inability to move among its victims as they are being raped, according to Drug Abuse. This abhorrent act is perpetuated by criminals who use this substance in order to anesthetize their targets.

Hilton recollects that she woke up hours later, with an immediate realization of the awful crime committed against her. She tried to convince herself it was a dream, but the reality of being violated and robbed of her childhood left its mark on her soul.

During her speech, Hilton opened up about the horrific experience of being sent to a boarding school for “behavior modification,” where she endured physical and emotional abuse at the hands of some staff members as well as invasive gynecological tests.


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