5 Most Paused Moments in the Harry Potter Series

Abracadabra or something something, hello Potterheads! I know the love for Harry Potter is massive and fans have gone too far celebrating the series. From Harry Potter tattoos to setting up their entire rooms according to the wizardly world of magic to collecting Harry Potter gifts. Harry Potter is one of the biggest and most successful series, penned down by the one and only J.K. Rowling. When the series arrived it almost shook the whole world, not just kids and teenagers but adults as well love Harry Potter! It became a cult that is still alive after all these years!

Top Paused Scenes in Harry Potter

Here, we’ll take a look at the 5 Most Paused Moments in Harry Potter, although there are tons of scenes where the viewer is like W*F did just happen! Luckily no matter where you are you can stream Harry Potter online.

When Harry Discovers Who Professor Quirrell Really is!

When Harry Discovers Who Professor Quirrell Really is

Two evil characters – Severus Snape, a tutor of potions and Voldemort, the thief who killed Harry’s parents, 10 years ago, dominate Sorcerer’s Stone. When Harry is at Hogwarts for the first year, these enigmatic men are central to his quest … But it didn’t wait for Harry in the way. At the end of the film this tension resulted when Professor Quirrell uncovered Voldemort’s face, noted for his shyness and turban, emerging from his skull. He’s not just a Dark Lord hogwarts … He’s his real host.

When We Find Out Riddle’s Real Name in Chamber of Secrets

Real Name in Chamber of Secrets

His name, “TOM MARVOLO VOLDEMORT,” written in the most passionate and floating literary material, turns into the spell, “I AM LORD VOLDEMORT.” There, on two knees, he greets Harry, a young man clad in Slytherin. The diary wasn’t enchanting nor possessed and until Ginny Weasley was completely drained from reality, unconscious at his knees, he would be able to exist within his books. Who did it? Why did he? He demonstrates with one of Harry Potter’s most indelible pictures.

When Harry Casts the Patronus Charm

When Harry Casts the Patronus Charm

Harry is closer than ever to the father he never met Azkaban’s inmate. Here, as did Marauders themselves — Remus Lupin, Harry ‘s latest Professor of Security against the Dark Arts, Sirius Black, the elusive prisoner searching for Harry and Peter Pettigrew, who supposedly murdered 12 years ago — is making his debut in a Marauder ‘s map, drawn up by James Potter and his dearest friends. Pettigrew was the actual traitor, as Harry knows, and Black was framed. Harry, Lupin, and Sirius join in the revelation of this fact joyfully. But it also culminates in an escape from Pettigrew. A faraway person saves them by the throwing of the charm of the Patronus, and Harry is convinced the casters were his father. But since he and Hermione have visited in the past, he knows it was not his dad that he met … It was himself. It was himself.

When The Real Mad-Eye is Revealed

When The Real Mad-Eye is Revealed

Although he fled Voldemort, Harry is not safe. His office is seized by Harry and the revival of Voldemort, finally disclosing that he is one of Voldenort Jr’s loyal servants, Barty Crouch. Professor Moody, professor of Dark Arts Cantankerous Security. The shock at the moment is much greater in certain ways than that induced by Voldemort’s rebirth. Crouch-as-Moody worked to make Harry a Triwizard champion throughout the year and to be introduced to Voldemort. During the year. The most important thing is … It works. It’s running. It works. It works. Of course, but just Crouch has been stuck in what he had to do.

When Sirius Reveals Himself

When Sirius Reveals Himself

Harry’s closest thing to a real parent was Sirius, and he is closely related to Harry’s aunt. The Phoenix Order is profoundly entrenched in its connection in many ways, not all of them being optimistic – while they are closer, Sirius cannot divorce his relationship entirely between James and HARRY. Finally, at the end of the movie, he helps Harry to fight Death Eaters in the mystery department which explores basic forces of existence. Two of the reasons that he has lost greatly are the tragedies he faces and his inability to act in the battle against Voldemort.


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