Khloé Kardashian responds to the rumors

It seems that the rumor of reality TV star Khloé Kardashian’s return to her ex-lover Tristan Thompson began to provoke the star so much that she broke her silence to deny it angrily.

After pictures spread of her sister, Kim Kardashian, watching a match for Thompson and encouraging him, many Internet pioneers considered that this was a sign of the return of the two to each other, especially since it came after many things that hinted at the same matter..

Chloe responded to one of the Internet pioneers via the “Instagram” story, who inquired about the issue of Kim’s support for her ex-lover, with a lengthy comment in which she wrote: “Stop reporting this topic … It is tiring, but I assume that you will continue to transmit the news you want, regardless of what I say.” Me, what’s the point?”

“It’s stressful, but I’ve learned that people will only understand at their level of awareness. Most of them are stuck believing lies because it’s the story they want to tell,” she added.

And she continued, “Well, enjoy it … But some things are really as simple as they seem, one family member supporting another family member especially during difficult times in life.”

Khloé Kardashian gave an example of her relationship with Scott Disick until today, despite her sister Courtney’s separation from him and her marriage, as she considers him a member of her family, noting that the matter differs only that Kim’s support for Thompson was monitored by the cameras’ lenses because that was in the NBA match, but her support for Scott is far from the cameras. .


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