After 30 years… Sylvester Stallone returns to the role of a mountain climber

International actor Sylvester Stallone returns to mountain climbing and the character of Gabe Walker, which he presented in 1993 in the movie “Cliffhanger”, which achieved great success and continued to be shown in cinemas for a long time, and achieved revenues amounting to $ 225 million worldwide.

“Deadline” magazine stated that his new movie “Cliffhanger Reboot” did not reveal details about it, if it was a continuation of the original movie that dealt with the story of mountaineer Gabe Walker, who rescued climbers who claimed to be hikers, only to discover later that they were criminals who hijacked a US Treasury plane that was flying through the Rocky Mountains.

On the other hand, the director of the action movie, Rick Roman Waugh, gave a glimpse of the details, indicating via “Instagram” that he would direct it, but without revealing his heroes.

The director spoke to the magazine about his enthusiasm for completing a work that achieved great success 30 years ago with a big star like Stallone Stallone.


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