This is why Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up

At the beginning of the second week of this month, American singer Taylor Swift announced her separation from English actor Joe Alwyn, after a six-year love affair, and it was expected that she would be crowned with marriage.

At the time, many asked about the reason for the two stars to separate, despite the great love that was between them, without getting an answer. But the reason for this separation was finally revealed, which is due to Swift’s unwillingness to commit and relate, especially since marriage was imminent. A source close to the American singer added that the couple “talked about marriage”, but they did not agree, as Taylor did not want to be tied down by this bond, and therefore did not want to consummate the marriage. 

It is noteworthy that Swift and Alwyn’s separation was amicable and did not include any “drama”, and things ended naturally between the two.

Taylor started dating Alwyn in late 2016, and they fell in love over the course of the six years, until last October, a source said they were “doing great” and “they’re really strong.”

During the six years, the duo always tried to keep their relationship private and avoided responding to rumours, even those that claimed Alwyn had given her an engagement ring.

News of the singer’s split comes as she focuses on her Eras tour in the US.


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