Kanye West is missing and the search is on

News of Kanye West’s disappearance made headlines after his former manager told the court that he was unable to reach a specific address for him to give him court documents worth $4.5 million.

And the Spanish magazine “Marca” reported that Thomas St. John, West’s former business manager, who is suing him over unpaid fees, told the court that he could not find a specific address to deliver the rapper and ex-wife of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, the judicial complaint.

Rumors abounded about his disappearance, as the last time he was seen was about two weeks ago, and he did not use his accounts on social media during this period.

And it was stated in the court file that Kanye West does not have a lawyer who can receive the judicial complaint on his behalf, and an attempt was made to notify him about the case, but the failure to find a current address for him made it difficult, and therefore he was notified by mail at several possible addresses that may belong to him.

Thomas St John’s lawsuit against Kanye West

Thomas St. John had filed a lawsuit against superstar Kanye West after he refused to pay Thomas John the value of 18 months, that is, the period during which he appointed him as his manager.

John said that when he confronted the rap star about the fees he had to pay, he “turned on him and became aggressive”.

Court documents say Thomas St. John signed an 18-month contract with Kanye West, but Thomas claims that after West paid the first three months’ fee, he later avoided paying the rest.

Kanye West’s financial crisis

Forbes magazine reported that Kanye West lost the title of billionaire, after Adidas terminated its partnership with him, causing him to lose millions.

And it was stated in the Forbes report that Kanye West’s wealth decreased from about $ 1.4 billion to $ 400 million, as a result of severing his ties with Balenciaga, Gap, and most recently his partnership with Adidas.

Kanye West collaborated with Adidas for the first time in the field of fashion 7 years ago, and then launched the YEEZY sports brand, which was estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years. Kanye West lost about $ 250 million by terminating this partnership.

And the French fashion company Balenciaga and its parent company, Kering, preceded Adidas in announcing the termination of the working relationship with singer Donda, after multiple problematic statements he made.

As a result, Kanye West’s fans around the world launched a special donation campaign for him, in an attempt to recover his financial status. A page for the star Kanye West was created on the famous donation site, gofundme, with the aim of making him a billionaire again, after his wealth decreased from about $ 2 billion to $ 400 million.

The desired goal was laid out on the page, which is to accumulate a billion dollars and give it to the star. It is noteworthy that after the launch of this page, many people launched similar pages, perhaps to earn money under the name Kanye, and some Internet pioneers attacked the campaign, on the grounds that it is a contribution from the poor to make the rich get more wealth.

Johnny Depp’s lawyer dumps Kanye West

In a separate context, about two months ago, TMZ reported, quoting through informed sources affiliated with it, that after multiplying Kanye’s hostile statements, Camille Vasquez informed Brown Rudnick’s office that she would no longer work with Kanye West.

The report also stated that Brown Rudnick’s office wanted to continue working with Kanye West, but only on the condition that he publicly retract his hostile statements. But no one can impose conditions on Kanye, and the latter refused to back down and himself fired the Brown Rudnick law firm.

Rapper Kanye West has hired 38-year-old attorney Camille Vasquez, among others, to oversee his business deals, contracts and legal disputes, sources close to West tell TMZ.

Accordingly, the star today is without a law firm representing him or even a lawyer.


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